What started off as a side-project grew into more than just that after the music started coming together. Bobby and Robert of Allthesame decided to start a temporary project to pass the time while they went through drummers.  So then came Diebomb, Death metal with a twist. Originally started with just the idea of "Hey,wouldn't Diebomb be an awesome band name?" The writing began. Being fed up with drummers, the band decided to use programmed drums. With the combined efforts of both bandmates writing and recording, new songs surfaced only a couple days from the starting point of the band. Sadly, some of the first recordings had poor quality so they were dropped from album releases. Learning the basics of recording and doing it themselves, Bobby and Robert managed to get an EP and a full cd completed after only two and a half months of being a band. The EP was released to the public online for free, but the full length, "A Theme of Murder" was released to buy on CD-R's with professional cases for only $8. The cd was released on their self-made record label called "ATS Recordings". The band still consider themselves unsigned. With being a beginning label and having no bands but their own, promotion was hard. Shortly after the full length was released, the band started getting positive reviews by many people online. People loved how unique each song was, and how something always catches you by surprise. Seeing the good feedback, and loving the fact that they did it all themselves, Bobby and Robert decided to make Diebomb their priority. Not needing a third leg in the band was something good, far less arguments, and no different views for the direction of the music. Not even a year after the first full length, Diebomb set sail in a new direction with their follow up cd "Mephistophelian." The cd set a darker tone to the Diebomb sound. The cd also offered a deeper look into the heart of the members. Following that release was the Full-Length "Epic." Bobby and Robert decided to write a story with the songs and theme it around alien life. The record was very experimental compared to eariler work. There would be 2 demo EP's made over the next two years featuring songs such as the famed "The Dark... No Heart, and "God Is War." Diebomb was preparing for something big. Their first major release after becoming a band. They set sail on a 1 year writting and recording process to make the CD "Doom Music." The album was released on Feburary 13th, 2009. Still self produced and recorded, it would be the band's only CD to date to be sold through iTunes and Amazon. In 2010 the band released 3 more demos songs. Diebomb has set out for a summer release for a new ep in 2011. According to the band, this will be the best material to date. With their fanbase getting bigger everyday, something great can be expected from Diebomb. The band doesn't look to be popular, they just want to show everyone that if you're different, you can still be just as good as all the other bands that sound alike.